From furniture to walls, garden fences, construction machinery, mobile phones, wheel rims, leather sofas and perfume bottles - there are very few objects that cannot be coated. The surface of an object helps to determine its function, durability, and attractiveness. With innovative coating technologies for the application of paints, wet coatings, powder coatings and other liquid materials, with our partner WAGNER we help you to raise the standard of surface finishes.

COATINGS Ltd., as a distributor for Bulgaria of Wagner GmbH, and with their support, can offer you complete solution for coating of your products. From the suppling with materials, exact mixing and perfect dosing to the quality control and finished product - we help for the perfect out look of your product's surface.

COATINGS Ltd. is always right beside you to ensure the quality of your production processes by tailor made entire solutions for coating line solutions, process management and masking.